Savannah Boxing Show

Saturday, August 18, 2018


  1. Ricardo Juarez says:

    Noe Segovia 13/114/9 (Rocky’s Boxing Gym)
    Juan Gutierrez 14/106/16 (unattached)

  2. Ricardo Juarez says:

    Noe Segovia 13/114/9

  3. clara savannah says:

    Pre match;
    Juan Velasquez 14/152/2 (Top Show)
    Kevin Machala 15/150/2 (Golden Gladiators)

  4. Looking to prematch
    Oscar T. 15/175-178/2
    Contact Owner/Coach Jesse Morales

  5. Ricardo Juarez says:

    Alicia Sierra (Rocky’s Boxing Gym) 14/106/4
    Angelina Obregon (Marquez Boxing) 14/110/8

  6. lshbc0728 says:

    Alex Donis 19/148-155/open

    Coach Donis 832-689-8614

    Donis Boxing

  7. clara savannah says:

    Nightmare Boxing (El Paso)
    Ivy Enriquez 11/75/open

    Coach Enriquez 915/539-9037

  8. clara savannah says:

    Pre match:
    Yonatan Barcenas 14/110/2 (Baby Bull)
    Ceasar Compean 13/110/0 (Silva)

  9. top show boxing looking to pre match mario acosta 9/60/4…..juan velasquez 13/152/0….contact Mario 832-491-2000

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