Chattanooga Fundraiser

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Sparring at Houston Boxing Gym on October 7, 2017
238 Memory Lane, Houston, TX 77037
Time:  10:00am – 5:00pm
Full concession with hot dogs, chips, frito pies, drinks, etc.
Barbecue plates $10.00
We are accepting donations, concession and raffle items for this fundraiser.  All proceeds will go to participants in this fundraiser.

For more information Contact:  Bronco at 832-545-2223 or Alex Leon at 281-706-8060


Hurricane Harvey

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If you or your gym was affected by the storm, please post what your immediate needs are. The Gulf family and others will post how they can help, whether with supplies, donations or with clean up. Our prayers are with you all.

Coaches of boxers who plan to compete at the upcoming national tournament in Tennessee, please contact the Gulf LBC Board of Directors ASAP.  We need an estimate and are also planning a fundraiser.

Diana Cromeans 832-689-1891 (text)
Alex Leon 281-706-6080

Gulf Board of Directors

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Gulf LBC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:
2017-07-29 BOD meeting minutes
2017-08-13 BOD meeting minutes
2017-08-20 BOD meeting minutes




OHI_2017-Thur_Aug 17_Results


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Michael Campbell

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Gulf LBC Letter – Michael Campbell

Board of Governors Meeting & Initiatives

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2017-07-16 Gulf LBC BOG Meeting Minutes
Video of Gulf BoG meeting held on 7/16/2017

Gulf LBC currently has vacancies on the Board of Directors as well as many committee positions.  We are also in need of more committed Officials.  Please consider the following items and contact us regarding a role that you can fulfill.

Initiatives/Action Items from meeting:

Coaches & Officials Meeting
July 29th at Perez Boxing Club 2024 Sandydale Ln., Houston TX 77039 at 10:00am
-Coaches Committee Chair James Johnson 832-894-9732
-Chief of Officials Angel Herrera 346-775-6724
-Meeting Organizer Paul Rodriguez 281-229-4416

Event Administration & Match Results Tracker
Meeting TBA to catch up on show record keeping
-Michael Campbell 832-439-8534
-Alex Leon 281-706-6080

Fundraising for Chattanooga & Salt Lake City Tournaments:
November 4th Gulf Sparring Showcase
-Need event planners
Gulf Elite/Youth All-Stars vs San Antonio All-Stars
-Need event planners
-Angel Herrera 346-775-6724
-Alex Leon 281-706-6080

Sanctions Policies Workshop
Develop procedures for the sanction approval process
Contact: -Michael Campbell 832-439-8534

Gulf Recognition Banquet & Alumni Reunion
An Evening with Houston Olympians & Champions

-Need Event Chairs
-Need Event Planners & Volunteers
-Diana Cromeans 832-689-1891
-Paul Rodriguez 281-229-4416
-Beverly Hollis 281-701-4641

Gulf Women’s Committee & Texas Women’s Championships
-Need Committee Members
-Need Tournament planners & Volunteers
Contact Bambi Manzo 281-691-3300

Athlete’s Luncheon & Meeting
Contact Jemiah Richards 409-782-8229

Gulf Scholarship Program
Contact Adrian De La Garza 832-971-6203

Gulf Boxers’ Rankings

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Updated July 12, 2017

USA Boxing Elite Women’s Rankings
106 lbs.
6. Sarah Dawson, TX
112 lbs.
1. Virginia Fuchs, TX
125 lbs.
4. Carmen Vargas, TX
178+ lbs.
1. Danielle Perkins

USA Boxing Elite Men’s Rankings
114 lbs.
2. Michael Angeletti, TX
4. John Atiles, TX
5. Gilbert Renteria, TX
7. Timothy Longoria, TX
132 lbs.
2. Jemiah Richards, TX
141 lbs.
3. Israel Rodriguez, TX
152 lbs.
1. Quinton Randall, TX
165 lbs.
2. Austin Williams, TX
178 lbs.
1. Cymone Kearney, TX
7. Darius Fulghum, TX
201+ lbs.
4. Mark Montemayor, TX
7. Eric Briggs, TX

USA Boxing’s Youth Women’s Rankings
119 lbs.
3. Dayana Torres, TX
125 lbs.
1. Romalin Martinez, TX

USA Boxing’s Youth Men’s Rankings
108 lbs.
2. Isaac Martinez, TX
6. Fernando Garcia, TX
11. Ray Palladina, TX
114 lbs.
10. Ephraim Bui, TX
123 lbs.
3. Rogelio Ortega, TX
10. Julian Pinales, TX
132 lbs.
9. Oscar Perez, TX
141 lbs.
2. Bre’yon Gorham, TX
10. Seth McGee, TX
152 lbs.
3. Alex Donis, TX
9. Eugene Hill, TX
10. Luis Carbajal, TX
13. Rafael Medina, TX

USA Boxing Junior Women’s Rankings
119 lbs.
1. Alexandra Fernandez, TX
138 lbs.
1. Jasmin Fernandez, TX

USA Boxing’s Junior Men’s Rankings
119 lbs.
16. Christopher Gonzalez, TX
125 lbs.
4. Ram Gandara, TX
154 lbs.
6. Moises Torres, TX

USA Boxing Girl’s Bantam, Intermediate and PeeWee Rankings
95 lbs.
1. Yoseline Perez, TX
2. Lorena Ramirez, TX
101 lbs.
1. Jewry Rodriguez, TX
119 lbs.
2. Aaliyah Mendez, TX

USA Boxing Boy’s Bantam, Intermediate and PeeWee Rankings
60 lbs.
5. Aiden Barcenas, TX
65 lbs.
4. Jacob Rodriguez, TX
80 lbs.
3. Jared Mendez, TX
85 lbs.
9. Jaime Ramirez, TX

70 lbs.
3. Cashes Rhodes, TX
110 lbs.
4. Johnathan Gonzalez, TX
8. Favian Lopez, TX
132 lbs.
4. Embry Robles, TX
138 lbs.
3. Devaughn Lucas, TX

Pee-Wee 9-10
55 lbs.
1. Martin Mosqueda, TX

Gulf LBC Stats-
2 GOLD Medals at the Continental Americas Championships
1 SILVER Medal at the Continental Americas Championships
50 Boxers ranked in USA Boxing rankings !!!
10 #1 ranked boxers in the USA !!


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July 9th Coaches & Officials Clinics at The Knockout Factory at 8:30am
CCN: 1707-25-C02  Clinicians:  James Johnson & Fred Crowe
OCN: 1707-01-25  Clinicians:  Angel Herrera & Bambi Manzo
Registrars will be available to make passbooks

The Knockout Factory East End
5601 Navigation Blvd.
Houston, TX 77011

July 16th Board of Governors meeting at Savannah’s Boxing Gym at 1:00pm
Savannah’s Boxing Club
6909 Ashcroft St. #200
Houston, TX 77081

Gulf BoG Roll Call
2016-08-28 Gulf LBC BOG meeting minutes

2017 Junior Olympic National Champs

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2017 USA Boxing Junior Olympic Champions
Gold – Intermediate 95 lbs Yoseline Perez
Gold – Intermediate 101 lbs Jewry Rodriguez
Silver – Junior 119 lbs Alexandra Fernandez
Silver – Junior 138 lbs Jasmin Fernandez
Silver – Intermediate 165 lbs Ty Kana
Bronze – Bantam 60 lbs Aiden Barcenas
Bronze – Intermediate 70 lbs Cashes Rhodes
Bronze – Intermediate 132 lbs Embry Robles
Bronze – Intermediate 138 lbs Devaughn Lucas

2017 USA Boxing Prep Open Champions
Gold – Pee Wee 9-10 55 lbs Martin Mosqueda

2017 USA Boxing Youth Open Champions
Silver – Youth 152 lbs Eugene Hill, Jr.
Bronze – Youth 108 lbs Isaac Martinez
Bronze – Youth 125 lbs Romalin Martinez
Bronze – Youth 141 lbs Seth McGee
Bronze – Youth 152 lbs Alex Donis

Region 8 – Texas
Best Region – Bantam Female
Best Region – Intermediate Female