The Big Showdown Texas vs. Louisiana


Aug 5, 2017

10:00am weigh-in
1:00pm 1st bout

The Big Showdown Texas vs. Louisiana
Hosted by Lion Hearted Boxing Academy
Sanction #17-25-16522

City of Port Arthur Recreation Center
1308 9th Ave
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Please contact show host for information:
Ken Shepherd at (409) 543-4170
Calvin Shepherd (337) 424-7373

  1. oscarbajaras says:

    Hello south east Texas and Gulf boxing
    I am still looking to match a Female
    Shaylee Barajas 12/90-95/open from Port Arthur Texas. Let’s make a match for this great champion

    • WOW!! LionHearted Boxing Academy (Owner/Coach) Eddie Ray Brown Head Coach Kenneth Shepherd, and coaches. Would like to send a special thanks and appreciation to the Head Texas Official: Derwin Richards, Chelbi Curvey, Jemiah Richards, Keith Delahoussaye, Monica Camacho, Clara Savannah, Guest Official Steve Sodeman (Iowa)Head Louisiana Official: Arthur Scott, Harold Duhon, Damon Marceaux, Kyle James, Sonia Charles. For their effort which led to the succuss and a great show in Port Arthur, Texas. The Big Showdown “Texas Vs Louisiana” was a better turn out than we expect. Thanks for helping us work through the few hiccups we had. I would also like the thank all the coaches and fighters who participated. It was very competitive fights and Louisiana won the title with a 9-8 score. We would like for this to continue to grow, and have more participants next time.

  2. freeportboxingclub says:

    Freeport Boxing Club is looking to pre match
    14yrs/ 107lbs/ open

    Contact Coach L.J. Arredondo

  3. Aaron white 30 150/155 5
    Zaques groan 16/160/165 4
    Ocsease Edwards 21 /145/150 1
    Iyanna Gatheright 11 /135/140 1 female
    Please call coach Billy Edwards 409 828 0752

  4. Boxer available for pre-match: 281-250-9145

    Edwin Tula 18/108/Open

  5. Boxers available for pre-match: 832-531-5841

    Cesar Macias 8/55/1
    Devin Guzman 9/65/8
    Carlos Resendez 9/72/1
    Alexis Gallego 13/117/13
    Royce Rodriguez 18/152/0

    Emily Macias 14/125/0

  6. Savannah Boxers:
    Z. Zamora 13/95/7bouts/4Muia Thai
    T. Kana 13/165/7
    M. Garabay 13/7/116
    J. Portillo 14/145/5
    E. Jones 17/130/14
    H. Escobal 17/141/10
    I. Carrasco 17/165/4
    A. Santana 19/152/14
    F. Velasquez 20/175/1
    S. Roman 23/108/1
    K. Carter 23/178/3
    J. Winn 23/200/9
    S. Velasquez 24/160/3
    C. Harrison 29/145/2

    A. Lopez 25/132/4

    Coach Savannah 713/248-8090

  7. Unattached Fighter

    Jerome Cortado 28yrs/ 123lb/ 1 bout

  8. thecanible says:

    Romeo Cane 22yo 160lbs open
    Houston texas
    8329943276 for pre match
    A Guarantee show up no backing out

  9. agillroy says:

    Power city Boxing

    Coach Anthony Gillroy

    1. Jaylon Stanley
    2 min rds

    2. Depriest Johnson
    3 minutes

    3. Devon Rismay

  10. agillroy says:

    Looking for a pre-match

    Devone rismay

    Coach Anthony
    Power city Boxing

  11. 55assassin says:

    Call me when your free Coach?

  12. kovargas says:

    Trinidad Vargas 14yrs 110lbs Open
    Maximino Sanchez 13yrs 132 Open
    Joshua Chavez 14yrs 106lbs Open
    Jalen Moore 15yrs 114 Open
    COACH NICK 469-446-8624

  13. oscarbajaras says:

    I have this young Fighters out of Port Arthur Texas unattached
    17 132 open
    12 75-80 10
    13 116-119 2
    12 90-95 10

  14. shakeylew says:

    Victory University Beaumont Texas coach Shakey Lewis

    Jeremiah Richards 30yrs old 132pds open
    Roy Knight 18yrs 165pds 8 fights
    John Daniels 17yrs 196pds 4 fights
    Trenton Walker 25yrs 150pds 5 fights
    Amoze Evans 26yrs 141pds 3 fights

    Zyloin Edwards 10yrs 67pds 6 fights

  15. jaroncurry says:

    Jaron Curry 30-225-open

  16. jaroncurry says:

    Jaron Curry 30-225-open

  17. Marcus Garcia 17 yr old 141lb male open
    Jose Bernal 18yr old male 132-135 open

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