Friday show for YOUTH & SENIOR boxers only, 15 bouts. Belts will be awarded.  Weigh-in at 4pm, first bout at 7pm.

Saturday show is for all ages, 25-30 bouts.  Weigh-in at 8am, first bout at noon.

Pre-matches ONLY, no matches will be made on day of the show.  No unmatched boxers will be weighed-in.

Boxers & Coaches will receive wristbands for venue admission at the weigh-in.

ALL BOXERS & COACHES MUST BE REGISTERED FOR 2016 with a new USA Boxing Membership ID card printed and put into passbooks.  ALL BOOKS WILL BE CHECKED.

Coaches post your rosters and contact info below.
Call in agreed upon matches to the show host:  Angel Herrera at (713) 377-3278

If you are unable to post your roster below, then call it in to Angel, and/or text it to Mike Campbell, 832-439-8534, and we will post it for you.

  1. 15yr 176+ open female 12yr 130 0 fights contact coach Bobby 337-335-8617

  2. 15yr 176+ open female 12yr 130 0 fights

  3. Available Boxer for Saturday 20/125/16 bouts. Saturday opponent cancelled and we are looking for a replacement. Please let me know asap. Coach David 281-250-9145


    1. Christian Perez Showtime vs Noel Villegas TKOFEE 132lbs
    2.Abel Orozco Puro Boxeo vs Daniel Alvarez Showtime 119lbs
    3.Francisco Velasquez Houston BG vs Thomas Villegas TKOFEE 106lbs
    4.Edwin Tula Rise BC vs Christian Pinales Rocha’s BC 106lbs
    5.Andre Crosby Rise BC vs Arthur Vivera MPAC 152lbs
    6.Hector Morales Lumberjacks vs Ricardo Gallardo Bad Boys Bc 123 lbs
    7.Austin Williams Main BG vs Dapriest Johnson TKOFEE
    8.Ragaree Wilson Baby bull vs Alex Gaytan Puro Boxeo 165lbs
    9.Martel Washpun Rise vs Agustin Rodriguez Fearless 125lbs
    10.Michell Garza Aztlan vs Hilario Martinez TKOFEE 201+ lbs

  5. Saturday weigh ins will be from 8-10 at The Knockout Factory East End at 5601 navigation blvd 77011 we will only weigh in boxers scheduled to box Saturday. NO EXTRA BOUTS WILL BE MADE! We will hand out wrist bands for boxers and coaches (3 coaches per team) at weigh ins.


    1. Nathan Juarez Marones BG vs Alex Equiluz ABA BC 70lbs
    2. Favian Lopez Lopez BC vs Juan Naranjo G&M BC 90lbs
    3. Tafari Beard Jr. Redstick BC vs Christian Terrazas Lumberjacks 85lbs
    4. Daniel Lopez Bryan/College st vs Isaiah Adams MPAC 65lbs
    5. Johnny Rios Lopez BC vs Jason Portillo Savanna 138lbs
    6. Julian Valencia Aztlan vs Noah Adams MPAC 65lbs
    7. Antonio Alvarado Bryan/college st vs Cruz Nunez Rise 95lbs
    8. Isahia Garcia unattached vs Steve Nunez Mpac 65lbs
    9. Joslynn Ramirez unattached vs Kim Solis Texas HH 75lbs
    10.Shannon Helair, Jr. Redstick Boxing vs Kevin Equiluz ABA 95lbs
    11. Alex Gallegos Rise vs Sam Arnold MPac 95lbs
    12. Trey Alvarez Babybull vs Thomas Lopez The Knockout Factory 70lbs
    13. Tavion Anderson Redstick Boxing vs Tramaine Johnson Rise 80lbs
    14. Devin Guzman Aztlan vs Noah Cazarez The Knockout Factory 55lbs
    15. Jesse Mamgana Puro Boxeo vs Fernando Garza Mena’s 65lbs
    16. Carlos Martinez Aztlan vs Rene Camacho The Knockout Factory 85lbs
    17. Stephanie Dantoja Baby Bull vs Melina Carrera Aztlan 100lbs
    18. Joel Ramirez Unattached vs Samuel Arredondo The Knockout Factory 80lbs
    19. Arthur Viera Bryan/College Station vs Guillermo Almazon Savannah 152lbs
    20. Alex Morales Mena’s vs Jamelle Overshown Bryan/College Station 165lbs
    21. Francisco Velasquez Houston Boxing vs Aaron Terrazas Lumberjacks 106lbs
    22. Orlando Garcia Mena’s vs Ricardo Martinez Bryan/College Station 125lbs
    23. Logan Hill Bryan/College Station vs Terrance McKinney Morones 178lbs
    24. James Harris Rise vs Shedrick Lewis Beaumont 152lbs
    25. Salvador Amaya G&M vs Daneil Alvarez Almarez 141lbs
    26. Histo Infante Aztlan vs Emanuel Aranda The Knockout Factory 165lbs
    27. Eric Pollin Unattached vs Martin Allison The Knockout Factory 152lbs
    28. Ragaree Wilson Baby Bull vs Donnie Foster Angleton 165lbs
    29. Darryl Clarkkj Rise vs Carl Hite Grand Gladiator Champs 201+lbs
    30. Martel Washpun Rise vs Hector Morales Lumberjacks 123lbs
    31. Trey Banks Fearless vs Rodrick Jordan Conroe P4P 155lbs
    32. Jaydyn Alpough Lion Hearted vs Tyrone Wilson, Jr. Red Stick 100lbs
    33. Daylen Perez Charlo Bros. vs Daylon Hill Gator 125lbs
    34. Chris Magana Puro Boxeo vs James Nyugen Charlo Bros 101lbs

  6. Joel Ramirez says:

    Still trying to match
    Michael Jimenez
    14 yrs/ 175 lbs/ 0 fights

    Please Contact Coach
    Joel Ramirez

  7. Is there an updated list for the pre-matches on Saturday?

  8. Mena’s Boxing Club would like to match the following:
    14 / 152/ 2 bouts
    Coach Joe Rodriguez

  9. sweetp2016 says:

    Juan Gutierrez 8 bouts 75 lbs 12 years old looking to match up call frank at 832-214-8111

  10. Varsha Zola says:

    17/123/3 Sean B
    13/119/6 Corey N
    12/101/2 Aliyah O

    contact coach Ricco @ 812-841-8206

  11. Looking prematch for saturday

    Chris 12-101-2
    Xavier 16-201-0

    Female 11-175-0

    Call or txt coach oseas martinez
    281 250 4242 or coach Stephanie 832 955 5205

  12. navaboxing says:

    Looking to match
    132lbs 18 yrs old

  13. android2193 says:

    Ultimatewarriors club has following boxer Erin 8yrs/2 fights/58 lbs Jonathan 13yrs/ 0 fights/ 115 lbs Christ 14yrs/ 1 fight/ 119 lbs Bre’yon 16yrs/ 1 fight/132 lbs Call coach Andrew 8329979930

  14. tbeard12 says:

    Cody James 12/80/open
    Carson James 11/55/open

    Call Coach K. James +1 (337) 515-7702

  15. tbeard12 says:

    Quan scott 12/95/open
    Qualin scott 10/65/open
    Blake Marceaux 11/55/open

    Call Coach Scott (337) 781-4395

  16. sweetp2016 says:

    Juan Gutierrez 8 bouts 75 lbs
    Contact 832-665-0245

  17. Utg Alief says:

    We are still looking for bouts for :

    Daylen Perez 12 yrs old/ 125 lbs / 0 fights
    Jordan Woodward 15 yrs old/ 123 lbs/ 2 fights
    James Nyugen 12 yrs old/ 101 lbs/ 0 fights
    Uyoata Ussoh 24 yrs old/ 132 lbs/ 2 fights

    Contact : 478-349-0078

  18. Still looking for pre-matches for

    Jake Ysasi 14/100 Open
    Tristan Kalkreuth 14/123 Open
    Alexzia Dominguez (F) 12/105/9

    Please contact Sean 214 862 2925 MPAC Boxing

  19. Attn; All boxers & coaches participating in the Friday night fights “Texas Future Legends” show January 29, 2016 at “The Knockout Factory East End” location 5601 Navigation Blvd Houston, TX 77011, show-time @ 7:30pm.

    All boxers will be competing for a belt

    Weigh ins will take place at Lucky’s Pub at 801 St. Emanuel Street Houston, TX 77003 @ 4pm, near BBVA Compass Soccer stadium.

    All boxers & coaches need to be there no later than 3:30pm to start the weigh ins. The weigh ins will resemble a professional boxing atmosphere setting. All boxers and coaches will receive their wrist bands, boxers and coaches unable to attend weigh ins at Lucky’s Pub will be able to weigh in and get their wrist bands at The Knockout Factory East End 5601 Navigation Blvd Houston, TX 77011 also the venue of the boxing event, no later than 6 pm.

    All boxers please bring your walk in music (no explicit / foul lyrics) only clean and/or instrumental versions for the DJ.

    Texas Future Legends boxer line up:

    1. Abel Orozco – Puro Boxeo vs. Daniel Alvarez-Showtime

    2. Christian Perez-Showtime vs. Noel Villegas-TKOF

    3. Marco Renteria-Fighter Nation vs. Judah Rodriguez-Conflict

    4. Austin Williams-Main vs. Jesse Solis-TKFO

    5. Ricardo Gallardo-Bad Boys vs. Hector Morales-Lumberjacks

    6. Andre Crosby-Rise vs. Arthur Vivera-M Pac

    7. Martel Washpun-Rise vs. Agustin Rodriguez-Fearless

    8. Ragaree Wilson -Baby Bull vs. Alex Gayton-Puro Boxeo

    9. Hilario Martinez-TKOF vs. Michell Garza-Aztlan

    If you have any questions contact Angel “El Gallo” Herrera at (713) 377-3278

  20. tbeard12 says:

    Red Stick Boxing Club
    Baton Rouge, La.
    Coach Tafari Beard
    Prematch list for Saturday (01/30/16)
    Michael Anderson 9yrs old 65-70lbs open
    Treyvean Beard 12yrs old 105-112lbs open

    Contact info 225-287-4582

  21. CP Perry says:

    Looking to match my female.

    Lourdes Reyes 15/125/1

  22. Aztlan Boxing fighters still available for prematching:

    Devin Guzman 8 yr/ 55 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Juan Lomeli 8 yr/ 60 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Nestor Acosta 9 yr/ 60 lbs/ 2 bouts
    Erick Andrade 9 yr/ 75 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Carlos Martinez 9 yr/ 85 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Juan Robles 10 yr/ 90 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Jaime Rodriguez 17 yr/ 125 lbs/ 4 bouts
    Hristo Infante 16 yr/ 165 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Michell Garza 24 yr/ 201+ lbs/ 10 bouts
    Orlando Gonzales 22 yr/ 125 lbs/ Open
    Jonny Talavera 22 yr/ 160 lbs/ 0 bouts

    Alicia Gonzalez 16 yr/ 119 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Melina Carrera 14 yr/ 101 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Erica Casillas 15 yr/ 154 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Adalyn Romero 12 yr/ 132 lbs/ 0 bouts
    Genesis Gonzalez 11 yr/ 85 lbs/ 0 bouts

    Contact: Samantha at (281) 216-1901

  23. Mena’s Boxing Club
    14/110/ open
    15/114/ 5 Bouts
    Contact J. Rodriguez 832.544.1309

  24. Utg Alief says:

    Charlo Brothers Boxing Academy:
    we are looking for bouts for:

    James Nyugen 12yrs old / 101 lbs/ 0 fights
    Jordan Woodward 15 yrs old / 132 lbs/ 2 fights
    Uyoata Ussoh 24 yrs old/ 132 lbs / 2 fights

  25. navaboxing says:

    Sorry I meant 132-135lbs

  26. navaboxing says:

    Need to match fighter
    Male 132-137lbs
    18yrs old open

  27. CP Perry says:

    Antonio Alvarado 11yrs 95lbs 2-fights
    Lourdes Reyes (female) 15yrs 125lbs 1-fight

  28. juanluna1020 says:

    Cruz Boxing Gym
    Edgar Ortega 15yrs/132-135/6
    Joshua Luna 14yrs/114/0 –might have 1 fight after saturday
    Luis. 16yrs/130/1
    J.Luna 832-640-4224

  29. Additional Boxers:
    Ivan Carrasco 16/150/0
    Adrian Leyva 20/132/7

    Coach Savannah 713/248-8090

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