Prematching June 20, Fearless Boxing Extravaganza in Conroe


Fearless Boxing Gym Presents:
Conroe Fearless Boxing Show
Saturday, June 20, 2015
Host: James Reyna 936-672-1962 (cell)
Info:  Nancy Wagoner 936-539-1269 (gym)

Lone Star Convention & Expo Center
9055 Airport Rd.
Conroe, Texas 77303

More info:

Pre-matches can be emailed to


  1. James Reyna per our conversation, need to cancel Chris Robinson of Longoria Boxing Club match.

  2. James Reyna says:

    trying to get a match

    Alexio Sanchez match got cancelled, looking for a match for him

    Alexio Sanchez – 12/100-105/0

  3. luis92982 says:

    Can you please cancel this bout
    Salome Alvarado(ABA) vs mariano barajas (titans)

    And add this bout instead thankyou
    Kevin eguiluz 12/93/11(ABA) VS ray allen 12/95/5 (kings)

    Coach miguel 8322726818

  4. Pre Match:
    Cashes Rhodes 10/60/7 (Savannah)
    Dylan Turner 9/60/4 (G&M)

    Coach Savannah 713/248-8090

  5. James Reyna says:

    191/215/0 fight cancelled, so he is still available

  6. James Reyna says:

    Alexio Sanchez match got cancelled, looking for a match for him

    Alexio Sanchez – 12/100-105/0

  7. James Reyna says:

    Prematch by email to –

    Still trying to match

    MALE – 18/126-132/OPEN

    Angle Mendez – 10/114-118/0

  8. ftbend11 says:

    Is there a roster sheet

  9. Coach David Martinez from Baby Bull Boxing needs to match
    18 years Open 141
    19 years Open 123
    Female 20 Open 108

    Please Contact David Martinez 281-627-7382

  10. ringsidemike says:

    Showtime is looking to match
    14 yr male 165/1
    10 yr male 75/0
    10 yr female 90/2

    Coach Karen at 281-802-2339

  11. Need to cancel pre- matched bouts from Longoria Boxing Club.

    Jose Mireles – out of town for emergency
    Juan Cortez- injury
    Juan M Rios-injury
    I don’t remember who I matched with.

    • James Reyna says:

      Sir, I also have you listed for two more fights

      Johnathon Avila vs Guillermo Almazen with Savannahs


      Sergio James vs Carlito Hernandez with Lion Heart

      are these fights cancelled as well, please let me know as soon as you are available.

      Thank you

  12. Bout #3 DaMarcus Griffin (Savannah)vs Julian Macias (CDM) cancelled

    Coach Savannah 713/248-8090

  13. James Reyna says:

    Prematch by email to –

    MALE – 18/126-132/OPEN

    Angle Mendez – 10/114-118/0

  14. Adrian R. 17yrs/135lbs/0 fights Razor Edge Boxing Gym

    Please contact Manny 832-785-0148 or Samantha 832-331-7869

  15. Joe Zamora says:

    Still looking to match R. Allen 12/95/0 boxing

  16. Joe Zamora says:

    King’s MMA additional Competitor


    R. Allen- 12years/95lbs/ 0 boxing and 5 kickboxing bouts

  17. I have a couple boxers interested in fighting in this show:

    David Ramos 12 yrs/132 lbs/0 fights
    Dustin Wright 14 yrs/85 lbs/1 fight

    Robin Lane 281-914-9211

  18. Pre Match:
    Moises Torres 14/132/open (Savannah)
    Israel Escudero 13/128/open (Eastside)

    Savannah 713/248-8090

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