Angleton Boxing Club Fight Night

  1. davidpereida says:

    Fighter Nation boxerse Looking to prematch for this Saturday. Coach David 281-250-9145.

    Jacob Campos 11/102/21
    Christopher Escobar 16/138/4
    Rodney Kibble 37/160/2

  2. davidpereida says:

    I have these boxers available pre match this Saturday. Coach David Fighter Nation

    Brandon Durio 10/70/14
    Jacob Campos 11/102/21
    Christopher Escobar 16/138/4
    Rodney Kibble 37/160/2

  3. jtrevino6874 says:

    Need prematch for Angleton show for Steven Ramirez 22/128lbs./4 bouts
    Contact coach Jaime Trevino 979-709-1749.

    • ringsidemike says:

      RED Corner BLUE Corner
      Bout Weight Length Boxer Club Boxer Club
      1 114 3×1 Jonah Smith Texas TKO vs. Isaiah Saenz unattached
      2 68 3×1 Anthony Fajardo HOC vs. Gabrial Morales Savannah
      3 70 3×1 Justin Angel Titans vs. Dominick Childress Aztlan
      4 114 3×1 Michael Escobedo Woodhorn vs. Carlos Saenz unattached
      5 68 3×1 Brandon Durio Fighter Nation vs. Cody James Daleys
      6 78 3×1 Xavier Santos Angleton vs. Jaden Pickett Savannah
      7 101 3×1 Stephen Gragg Woodlands vs. Abel Martinez unattached
      8 100 3×1 Gilmar Magarin Fighter Nation vs. Josh Crawford Daleys
      9 107 3×1 Hector Flores Titans vs. Alberto Fajardo HOC
      10 75 3×1 Micah White unattached vs. Elisha Garcia King of Kings
      11 119 3×1 Joel Goano Angleton vs. Luis Cantu unattached
      12 85 3×1 Thomas Villegas KO Factory vs. Fabian Lopez Lopez
      13 115 3×1 Brian Castillo Titans vs. Raul Hernandez unattached
      14 152 3×2 Jose Campos Fighter Nation vs. Aaron Broussard Daleys
      15 178 3×2 Andre Wafer G&M vs. Curtis Kennedy unattached
      16 145 3×3 Reggie Latimer Angleton vs. Miguel Rodriguez Savannah
      17 140 3×1.5 Demarcus Woodley Fighter Nation vs. Sauli Flores HOC
      18 110 3×1.5 Abel Orozco unattached vs. Jaffe Crawford Daleys
      19 130 3×1.5 Stephen Ramirez unattached vs. Jose Calamaco HOC
      20 201 3×1.5 Casey Cook Angleton vs. Jake Holsberg unattached
      21 165 3×1 Trent Collins Fighter Nation vs. Clay Henry Daleys
      22 165 3×1 Cameron Burroughs Texas TKO vs. Terrence Wooten G&M
      23 132 3×1 Josh Lee Main vs. Hector Morales HOC
      24 130 3×1 Jonathon Pesina unattached vs. Christian Bonner PABA
      25 148 3×1 Josh Savoy Angleton vs. Daniel Rodriquez unattached
      26 178 3×1 Alex Bravo Texas TKO vs. Dominic Okopie Savannah
      27 152 3×2 Halston Luna Main vs. Travis Conley unattached

      weigh-in at: 11:00 AM updated 10/7 at 4pm
      1st bout at: 2:00 PM

  4. davidpereida says:

    Boxers for prematch or match at the show. Coach David Fighter Nation 281-250-9145

    Jacob Campos 11/102/21
    Christopher Escobar 16/138/4
    Christian Rodriguez 19/140/6
    Deontae Simmons 22/165/5
    Rodney Kibble 37/160/2

  5. ringsidemike says:

    Baby Bull Boxing Academy:
    female 12 yrs, 110 lbs, 3 bouts
    male 14/132/open
    male 15/118/open
    Call Derwin Richards 832-687-0747

  6. davidpereida says:

    Will the bout sheet be posted soon? I think, I speak for many teams, but we really need to see a pre bout sheet to confirm matches we made so we may schedule accordingly.

  7. luis92982 says:

    Still looking to prematch

    COACH JOEL RAMIREZ 832-4180930

  8. boxboy08 says:

    Northside boxing gym has fighter

    Roger Ibarra- 19/170/Open
    Call Gerardo Ibarra 281-630-6534 the other one is a different number

  9. boxboy08 says:

    Northside boxing gym has fighter

    Roger Ibarra- 19/170/Open
    Call Gerardo Ibarra 281-687-9418

  10. There is currently 26 pre-matched fights, Michael Campbell is reviewing and will post when possible.

    Some information about the show:
    Location QMP Event Center, Address: 1040 South Velasco Donated by Jim Luna (979) 665-1921
    Weigh-ins 11:00 – 1:00PM
    Showtime 2:00PM
    From Houston, take Hwy 288S to 288-B towards Angleton through town until you reach 1040 South Velasco(Corner of 288B and cemetery Rd on right)

    All Proceeds go to help keep the Angleton Boxing Club in Business

    Large trophy or Plaque for winner and medal for runner up.
    Title Championship Belt to Outstanding Fighter of the night

    General Admission $10.00 Ringside $20.00
    Head Coach Phil Luna home – (979) 849-0162
    mobile (979) 848-6864
    Coach Greg Brennan mobile (979) 299-8403

  11. Will post the bout sheet later today, sorry for the delay

  12. Ray Martin says:

    PABA has a 21yrs.old 135lb. open boxer looking for a pre-match. Contact me at (832)207-3090 or (713)520-9585

  13. Main Boxing Gym

    fighters available for pre-match:

    Thomas Fuentes 22/140-145/2 fights
    Stephen Roach 20/140-145/2 fights
    Alex Licea 21/140-145/0 fights
    Halston Luna 25/152-158/4 fights

    contact Coach Steven Martinez: 832 818 4060

  14. freeportboxingclub says:

    Looking for a pre-match fight for Angleton Boxing fight night show
    Fabian Arredondo
    11yrs/83lbs/9 bouts

    Freeport Boxing Club
    contact Coach: L.J. Arredondo

  15. Will there be a pre bout sheet posted soon? I would like to confirm our current pre matches.

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