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Due to the number of matches that have taken place over the last few days, we have summarized the results from the USA Boxing National Championships below:

Youth Men
Light Flyweight / 108 lbs
Gilbert Renteria (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 1)
April 3 (Wednesday): Gilbert Renteria VS Conrad Rendon (Fresno, CA)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Gilbert Renteria (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 1)
April 4 (Thursday): Gilbert Renteria VS Martin Delgado (Dallas, TX)
(Gilbert Renteria won on a TKO over Martin Delgado)

Light Welterweight / 141 lbs
Deville Alexander (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 1)
April 3 (Wednesday): Deville Alexander VS Alec Zavala (Corona, CA)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Deville Alexander (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 1)
April 4 (Thursday): Deville Alexander VS Abel Mendoza (Hobbs, NM)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Welterweight / 152 lbs
Israel Quintero (Houston, TX)

Youth Women
Featherweight / 125 lbs
Dida Gonzalez (Houston, TX)

Elite Men (No Headgear)
Flyweight / 114 lbs
Marshall Sanchez (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 2)
April 1 (Monday): Marshall Sanchez VS Abel Soriano (Bellevue, NE)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Marshall Sanchez (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 2)
April 4 (Thursday): Marshall Sanchez VS Shawn Simpson (Chicago, IL)
(Decision: 0 – 3)

Light Welterweight / 141 lbs
Marquis Taylor (Houston, Tx)

Welterweight / 152 lbs
DeVonte Williams (Houston, TX)

Middleweight / 165 lbs
Roger Ibarra (Houston, TX)

Super Heavyweight / 201+ lbs
Shane Evans (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 2)
April 4 (Thursday): Shane Evans VS Paul Koon (Philadelphia, PA)
(Paul Koon won on a TKO over Shane Evans)

Elite Women
Flyweight / 112 lbs
Marlen Esparza (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 3)
April 4 (Thursday): Marlen Esparza VS Maureeca Lambert (Glen Ellyn, IL)
(Marlen Esparza won on a TKO over Maureeca Lambert)

Lightweight / 132 lbs
Melissa Parker (Spring, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 2)
April 3 (Wednesday): Melissa Parker VS Lisa Porter (Valley Village, CA)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Melissa Parker (Spring, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 1)
April 4 (Thursday): Melissa Parker VS Queen Underwood (Seattle, WA)
(Decision: 0 – 3)

Note: This post may be edited for accuracy.  Look for an update on the progression of this tournament in the next news posting.