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Officials Clinic

Posted: November 1, 2013 by gulfboxing in Officials Clinic
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As you all know, for the Gulf LBC to sanction events we require dedicated well-trained officials.  We run many shows with too few officials on hand, resulting in referees and judges working many consecutive bouts without rotation or relief.  The Gulf officials do a great job, but this practice is not ideal and can result in fatigue which in turn can possibly lead to incorrect actions or decisions, which we ALL want to prevent.

Thus, it is EVERY Gulf member’s duty to improve the officiating pool as a whole.

There will be a Level I officials clinic, so please identify candidates who are interested and can be trained and dedicate time to improving the sport of amateur boxing.

For new non-athlete members, please coordinate their registrations with Registration Chair Ray Ontiveros.  All members attending the clinic must have a BLUE USA Boxing official’s passbook for the clinic to be valid.

Please see the calendar for detailed information.

39th Annual PAL Championships

Posted: September 28, 2013 by gulfboxing in Daily News Corner
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A message from your Secretary,

Wishing our Gulf and Texas coaches and athletes safe travel to Oxnard, CA, and best of luck in the competition.

If any athletes require School Absence Request Letters, please contact Michael Campbell via email with the student-athlete’s information.

Coaches, help each other. Please let Michael Campbell know if you are going to the event, and he will communicate among those attending, in order to maximize our boxers’ performance.

39th Annual National Association of Police Athletic/Activities League Boxing Championships

Coaches Clinic

Posted: August 19, 2013 by gulfboxing in Coaches Clinic
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Last chance before the HORN tournament; for new and re-certification of Level 1 Coaches.

Coaches Clinic (Level 1)

August 25th, 2013
9am – 3pm

Eastside Boxing Gym
614 1/2 Freeport St.
Houston, TX

Please contact Juan Moya at (832) 466 – 5153 for more information.

Lunch will be provided.

You must be registered with USA Boxing and you mush have your Red Book with 2013 sticker.

Content Update:

Please see the updated Calendar for information on upcoming events. This includes additional info for “Steaks, Stogies & Boxing” and the LBC Junior Olympic Tournament.

During the LBC Junior Olympic Tournament (June 7th – 9th), bout sheets/results will be updated daily on the Results page.

A newsletter will be published soon, so please visit back soon for that update.

All pictures/videos submissions are welcome.  If you have a picture/video from an event that you would like to see featured, please send them to


See the latest new story on USA Boxing’s National Championships here.

The results have been summarized below:

Youth Men
Light Flyweight / 108 lbs
Gilbert Renteria (Houston, TX) 
April 5 (Friday): Gilbert Renteria VS Nico Hernandez (Witchita, KS)
(Decision: 2 – 1)
**Gold medal winner in the light flyweight.

Light Welterweight / 141 lbs
Deville Alexander (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 1)
April 5 (Friday): Deville Alexander VS Alexis Urbina (Phoenix, AZ)
(Decision: 0 – 3)

Youth Women
Featherweight / 125 lbs
Dida Gonzalez (Houston, TX)
April 5 (Friday): Dida Gonzalez VS Dezaree Negrete (Calamut City, IL)
(Dida Gonzalez wins on walkover over Dezaree Negrete)

Elite Women
Flyweight / 112 lbs
Marlen Esparza (Houston, TX)
April 6 (Saturday): Marlen Esparza VS Virginia Fuchs (Kemah, TX)
(Decision: 2 – 1)

Due to the number of matches that have taken place over the last few days, we have summarized the results from the USA Boxing National Championships below:

Youth Men
Light Flyweight / 108 lbs
Gilbert Renteria (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 1)
April 3 (Wednesday): Gilbert Renteria VS Conrad Rendon (Fresno, CA)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Gilbert Renteria (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 1)
April 4 (Thursday): Gilbert Renteria VS Martin Delgado (Dallas, TX)
(Gilbert Renteria won on a TKO over Martin Delgado)

Light Welterweight / 141 lbs
Deville Alexander (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 1)
April 3 (Wednesday): Deville Alexander VS Alec Zavala (Corona, CA)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Deville Alexander (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 1)
April 4 (Thursday): Deville Alexander VS Abel Mendoza (Hobbs, NM)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Welterweight / 152 lbs
Israel Quintero (Houston, TX)

Youth Women
Featherweight / 125 lbs
Dida Gonzalez (Houston, TX)

Elite Men (No Headgear)
Flyweight / 114 lbs
Marshall Sanchez (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 2)
April 1 (Monday): Marshall Sanchez VS Abel Soriano (Bellevue, NE)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Marshall Sanchez (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 2)
April 4 (Thursday): Marshall Sanchez VS Shawn Simpson (Chicago, IL)
(Decision: 0 – 3)

Light Welterweight / 141 lbs
Marquis Taylor (Houston, Tx)

Welterweight / 152 lbs
DeVonte Williams (Houston, TX)

Middleweight / 165 lbs
Roger Ibarra (Houston, TX)

Super Heavyweight / 201+ lbs
Shane Evans (Houston, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 2)
April 4 (Thursday): Shane Evans VS Paul Koon (Philadelphia, PA)
(Paul Koon won on a TKO over Shane Evans)

Elite Women
Flyweight / 112 lbs
Marlen Esparza (Houston, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 3)
April 4 (Thursday): Marlen Esparza VS Maureeca Lambert (Glen Ellyn, IL)
(Marlen Esparza won on a TKO over Maureeca Lambert)

Lightweight / 132 lbs
Melissa Parker (Spring, TX) – Red Corner (Ring 2)
April 3 (Wednesday): Melissa Parker VS Lisa Porter (Valley Village, CA)
(Decision: 3 – 0)

Melissa Parker (Spring, TX) – Blue Corner (Ring 1)
April 4 (Thursday): Melissa Parker VS Queen Underwood (Seattle, WA)
(Decision: 0 – 3)

Note: This post may be edited for accuracy.  Look for an update on the progression of this tournament in the next news posting.

News Corner Update

Posted: April 2, 2013 by gulfboxing in Daily News Corner
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Marshall Sanchez from Houston in red trunks wins opening bout of 2013 Nationals in Spokane Wa, 1st bout without headgear since 1984.  Sanchez trains out of Lopez Boxing Gym in Baytown.

Marshall Sanchez from Houston in red trunks wins opening bout of 2013 Nationals in Spokane Wa, 1st bout without headgear since 1984. Sanchez trains out of Lopez Boxing Gym in Baytown.

The results from yesterday’s USA Boxing National Championships include a feature on Marshall Sanchez, who won an opening bout in Flyweigt/114 lbs.  His opponent was Abel Soriano from Bellevue, NE.  His next match will be against Shawn Simpson from Chicago, IL.  Best of luck to Sanchez.

The current bracketing can be seen here for the Flyweight/114lbs class.

Another update will be made as the tournament progresses.

Reminder, the April Newsletter is now available, see previous post, or visit the Membership page.

News Corner Update

Posted: March 13, 2013 by gulfboxing in Daily News Corner
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Welcome membership to the new official website for the Gulf Boxing Association.  We would like to take this time to talk about some of the features of the new site, and include some updates on current/future events.  This first news posting will be a bit lengthy, since it is the first and there is a lot to communicate.

Features of the new site:
On the membership page, you will find information on registration for athletes and non-athletes, important forms and information on filing grievances.

On the calendar page, you can see a schedule of upcoming events, as well as detailed information for each event (address, point of contact, etc.).  An added feature of the calendar page is the new prematching system.  Before taking advantage of that events prematching page, we suggest that you visit the general prematching information page for instructions on the process.  Note: Please avoid posting multiple comments with the same information.  Duplicate comments will be removed during moderation.

On the results page, you will find a list of bouts, winners, scores for previous matches.

On the news page, there will be updated/important information pertinent to the association.  This might include dates/times of an event, changes to a location, featured boxers, etc.  We encourage comments for each news posting.

On the contact us page, you will have the ability to contact a specific board of director via email or phone.  Bio’s for each director will be coming soon.  All content submissions should be sent to the webmaster, including pictures, videos, and questions regarding the site.

Welcome new board of directors, and congratulations on your positions. We would like to remind everyone about the upcoming Board of Directors meeting on March 16th.  Please see calendar for details.

Important information for the 2013 USA Boxing National Championships in Spokane, Washington is now available on the calendar page and at USA Boxing’s websiteNote: Soon after we will be holding both coaches and officials clinics for recertification under the new rule system.  These clinics will be announced when details are confirmed, so stay tuned.

We would also like to draw attention to USA Boxing’s monthly newsletter, Neutral Corner.  You should notice a picture of Marlen Esparza at the top of the page.  We are all very proud.

The Gulf Association Newsletter will be created very soon for the month of March, and become available to the membership in this news section, so be on the lookout for it.  If you would like to advertise in the April newsletter, please contact our webmaster or Juan Moya for details/pricing.