Safe Sport Certfication

To all non-athlete members of USA Boxing,

When the Safe Sport program and certification was first launched, none of us knew if our members had to take the class only once, or if it had to be renewed.  We have since learned that the certification is good for two years.  Many of you will need to retake it for your 2018 membership.  We have also learned that Safe Sport will be changing their website along with the format of the testing.

For those of you who still need to recertify for 2018, you have two choices:

1. Take the Safe Sport Refresher course, which is significantly shorter than the full course.  To access that, go to our website and click on the Safe Sport tab.  You will want to “sign in” with the user name and password you set up previously.  This refresher course is only available until 12/31/17!  


2. Wait until January and take the revised program.  The new program consists of three separate sections, each one lasting about 30 minutes.  You must complete all three sections to be certified.  We will send out more information about the new process in a few days.

We encourage those of you who need to renew (log into your account and it will tell you when your Safe Sport expires) to take the Safe Sport Refresher NOW.  You will be happy that you did.

Our office won’t be open with full staff until January 2.  We will send out more information about the NEW program, along with a Safe Sport access code, at that time.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

USA Boxing