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Pre-Matched Bout List

Winner’s Belts


Coaches list your rosters here
Call in confirmed Matches to the show hosts Fernando & Dalia Garcia at (936) 648-1047

  1. fernando518 says:


    1 Alex Gaytan Unattatched –
    Roddrick Jordan Conroe P4P
    2 Ruby Navarro Almighty –
    Jazmin Fernandez Houston Boxing
    3 Talel Malik LionHearted –
    Mohammed Eid P.A.B.A
    4 Ray Palladina GM Boxing –
    Fernando Garcia Conroe P4P
    5 Arturo Ramos Ramos Boxing –
    Anthony Anaya Houston Boxing
    6 Noah Cazares Knockout East –
    Martin Mosqueda Houston Boxing
    7 Xavier Santos Angleton Boxing –
    Angel Garcia Conroe P4P
    8 Nicholas Ramirez Ramos Boxing-
    Robert Castillo Unattatched
    9 Dimas DeLeon Almighty-
    Roger Sjache Houston Boxing
    10 Saul Ruiz Savannah –
    Blayd Plowden Conroe P4P
    11 Bobby Lopez Longoria’s –
    Rocky Luna LOPEZ
    12 Jason Sanchez Ramos Boxing-
    Jacob Madrigal Friendswood Boxing
    13 Fabian Almeida Mena’s Boxing-
    Christian Espinal Rocha’s Boxing
    14 Christopher Chapple Longoria’s –
    Tyler Pringle P.A.B.A
    15 Devin Guzman RISE Boxing –
    Aiden Barcenas Conroe P4P
    16 DeVaughn Lucas Unattatched –
    Mark Ramirez Conroe P4P
    17 Brianna Calhoun RISE Boxing –
    Candence Hernandez Longoria’s
    18 Victor De Los Santos Ramos Boxing`-
    Luciano Trevino Fort Bend Boxing
    19 Ulises Garcia Arredondo’s –
    Jeuri Benitez Conroe P4P
    20 Michael DeLa Palma Longoria’s –
    Stafford Harris GM Boxing
    21 Mathew Matamoros Reserrection –
    Rudy Silva Elite Boxing
    22 Juan C. Rios Longoria’s –
    Jose Ruiz Conroe P4P
    23 Joshua Edwards Guerilla Boxing –
    Jason Rios GM Boxing
    24 Juan Gutierrez Hanks Boxing –
    Abel Ybarra Resurrection
    25 Jason Portillo Savannah –
    Jakobe Murphy Grand Champion Gladiators
    26 Replace fighter: Humberto Anaya Houston Boxing
    27 Oscar Diaz Fort Bend Boxing –
    Aaron White Grand Champion Gladiators
    28 not confirmed
    29 not confirmed
    30 not confirmed

    1 Fernando Garcia GM Boxing –
    Aeneas Gonzales Ramos Boxing
    2 Mondrell Harrison GM Boxing –
    Carl Hite Grand Champion Gladiators
    3 Joshua Luna Cruz Boxing – Daniel Barragan Angleton
    4 Ram Gandara Bayou City –
    Jacob Firgueroa Blood of Honor
    5 Robert Cain GM Boxing
    Shedrick Lewis
    6 Donnie Foster Angleton –
    Darryl Johnson Legions
    7 Elias Ojeda GM Boxing – Shane Collins Donis Boxing
    8 Alexander Eguiluz ABA –
    Jesus Zamarripa Waco Boxing
    9 Emilia Strother GM Boxing
    Estella Garcia Distinctive Boxing
    10 Demetrio Reyes Montopolis Boxing
    Gustavo Garrido RAMOS
    11 Luis Carrizales RAMOS
    Niji Ali GM Boxing

    This is the bout list for now. It is bound to change. I will followup and confirm matches again on Wednesday. Final List will be posted Friday!!

  2. Kevin Bruce says:

    116 Boxing Club looking to match Zach Freeland 22 yr./ 200lbs / 0 bouts

    Text 936-202-9130

  3. kingsofink10 says:

    I have 8 yr/75/0 fghts
    Houston BG

  4. kingsofink10 says:

    Houston BG I have an 8yr/75 lbs/0 fghts

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