Showtime Summertime Beatdown

  1. .Ephraim bui 14/106/ open WLE boxing vs. Blue Edwin tula 15/106/open Rocha gym 2.Red . Elias Ojeda 17/160/3 G & M vs Blue Sergio James 17/158/3 Longoria gym3 . Red Jennifer Jiffy Morales 106 open elite gym vs blue Megan Ybarra 106 open Troup Gym 4.Red Ricardo Gutierres 11/80/4 blas gym vs blue Alexis Gallegos 10/80/35 . Red Kevin Aguiluz 11/83/5 ABA VS Hernando Castellano 11/85/4 Bad Boys6 . Red Erick Palomo 16/110/open vs blue Lazaro Ramirez 16/110 open Ray’s gym7 . Red juan Rios 24/125/3 Longoria gym vs blue Jesus Campos 19/125/1 showtime boxing8 . Red Michael Escobar 10/65/open Austin gym vs blue Esai garcia 11/62/open Troup gym9. Red juan Gutierrez 10/65/3 hanks gym vs blue Joel Ramirez 11/61/3 ABA gym10 . Red Eleazar Fernandez 14/99/5 pound 4 pound vs blue Ray Padilla 15/99/2 gmx boxing 11 . Red Anthony Espinosa 10/68/0 TKO vs blue jarmin Logan 9/68/0 main gym12 . Red Misael Cruz 24/132/0 Marques gym vs blue juan Carlos Rios 18/130/0 Longoria gym 13 . red Gabriel Smith 132 open G&M vs blue Ismael ovalle 132/open14 . Red Blanca schemerma 13/119/12 austin pal vs blue Melanie gomez 13/124/6 wood horn gym15 . Jesus tiran 9/70/4 Austin pal vs Gabriel garcia 9/70/11 WOOD HORN GYM16.Red Jermaine Jackson 21/160/5 Fighter Nation vs Blue Stephen Isbell 22/165/4 Unattached 17. Red Brandon Durio 10/70/9 Fighter Nation vs Blue Carlos Naranjo 10/70/9 G&M Boxing18. Red Demetrio Reyes 11/80/13 Austin Pal vs Favian Arredondo 11/83/8 Freeport Boxing Club19. Red Jonathan Castillo 16/198/0 Austin Pals vs Blue Arturo Marquez 17/195/620. Red Kevin Scott 21/114/1 vs Blue David Atiles 21/114/521. Red Daniel García 140/0 G&M Blue James Calamoaco 140/0 East Texas house champiñones22. RED Julisa Ramirez 14/110/2 ABA gym vs Blue Kelsey Vasques 13/112/0 TKO gym23. Red Alexander Aguiluz 10/62/5 Aba gym Blue Thyvien Alpough 11/57/9 Lyon Hitters24. RED Francisco González 13/100/2 vs Blue Abiel Martinez 13/100/2 Unattached25. Red Erick Teran 15/135/3 Austin Pal gym vs Blue Francisco Rodriguez 16/134/2 Aztlan boxing26. Red Shedrick Lewis 153/3 VS Blue Jonathan Aguilera 153/3 27 Red Chris Redeaux 201/0 Unattached VS Blue Archie Speights 201/0 ABA

  2. Atencion coaches and fighters will be weighing in Showtime Boxing Gym 6830 N Eldridge Pkwy Suite #306 Houston T,X 77041

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