Boxing By The Bay II

  1. tbeard12 says:

    ****Need a replacement bout **** Coach Beard (Red Stick BC) Baton Rouge, La. is looking for a match for Saturday my fighter is Shannon Helaire, Jr. he’s 11yrs old 89lbs with 8 fights. I can be contacted at 225-287-4582

    • tknhoutx says:

      Could someone start posting the results (updating results page) on all the shows with bout sheets showing result, age, and weights? Would be nice to see for the friends, family, & unopposed who were not able to drive over to watch in person.

  2. aleaj1979 says:

    I have a 20 year old 153 pounds 3 fights and a 11 year old 120 pounds no fights

  3. marquezboxing says:

    Marquez Boxing:

    Need to Prematch : anybody with 4 bouts or less


    Arturo Marquez 832-474-6613

  4. Still looking for pre-matches:

    Main Boxing Gym

    Stephen Roach 20/152/0
    Halston Luna 25/160/2

  5. Looking for a match for a male fighter, 20 / 114 / 5 fights. Call David from Wood’s Boxing @

  6. davidpereida says:

    Need prematches
    Coach David – Fighter Nation

    Christian Rodriguez 18/150/6
    Nicholas Petry 14/128/6
    Brandon Durio 10/70/8

  7. tbeard12 says:

    Coach Beard (Red Stick BC) Baton Rouge, La. is looking for a match for Saturday my fighter is Shannon Helaire, Jr. he’s 11yrs old 89lbs with 8 fights. I can be contacted at 225-287-4582

  8. Ray Martin says:

    PABA has a 20yr.old 5 bouts 158lbs. and a 23yr.old 0 bouts 156lbs. looking for pre-matches

  9. iterrazasjr says:

    9yr old 65 lbs with 0 bouts
    And 11yr old 85lbs with 1 bout
    looking for prematch

    (936) 229-8019 coach Hub
    936 6764883 coach terrazas

  10. C.E King Boxing has a 114lb 14yr open fighter available to pre-match please contact me @ 713-828-7871

  11. PreMatch:

    DeVaughn Lucas 11/77/8 (Savannah)
    Demetrio Reyes 11/80/12 (Austin)

    Savannah 713/248-8090

  12. Ray Martin says:

    paba has a 14yrs with 3 bouts 135lb Joshua Edwards. Looking for pre match

  13. luis92982 says:


    joel ramirez 11/ 61lbs/ 3 bouts
    Sean moncada 14/ 90lbs/ 0 bouts
    Juan soto 15/ 130lbs/ 2 bouts
    Eric colen 30/ 160/ 0 bouts

    Julissa ramirez 14/ 108lbs/ 2 bouts

    Coach joel ramirez 832 418 0930

  14. iterrazasjr says:

    Looking to pre match:
    Ivan- 23yrs old,148lbs 6 fights
    Hector-23yrs,123lbs,1 fight
    Saulie-20yrs,135lbs,2 fights

    Call or text 936-6764883

  15. James Lucas says:

    11 years old
    8 fights

    832-748-5873 Lucas

  16. James Lucas says:

    call or text 832-748-5873

  17. Alex Guzman w/ Austin PAL Boxing. Got these boxers for prematching. Contact me at 512-694-3193.

    Bianca 119lbs 13yrs. 11 bouts

    Cecilia 132lbs. 16yrs 1 bout


    Cristian 114lbs. 13yrs 14 bouts

    Matthew 132lbs 13yrs. 7bouts

    Jesus 68lbs. 8yrs. 4 bouts

    Rodrigo 195lbs 13yrs. No bouts

    Jose 138lbs 15yrs. 9 bouts

    Jonathan 195lbs 16yrs. No bouts

    Raymundo 140lbs. 16yrs 12 bouts

    Demetrio 80lbs 11yrs. 12 bouts

  18. Cedric Washington –
    21years old/198/0fights

  19. […] Boxing By The Bay II.  21 years old/198lbs/0fights […]

  20. Savannah Boxers:
    E. Diaz 8/55/1
    C. Martin 9/63/5
    J. Lopez 10/65/5
    D. Lucas 11/80/7
    R. Medina 15/140/open
    F. Canales 16/125/open
    J. Diaz 16/132/14
    Z. Fusiler 17/145/0
    C. Francois 17/165/1
    M. Ramirez 19/140/open
    D. Njoku 20/165/6
    E. Lopez 26/145/4

    K. Martinez 9/68/0
    J. Flores 14/127/9
    R. Diaz 16/110/open
    I. Esquivel 17/125/4

    Coach Savannah 713/248-8090

  21. Mo Darthard says:

    CDM Boxing Gym
    Jasmine Crawford 25/147/2
    Christopher Powell – 26/154/4

  22. jaime73mtz says:

    Blood of Honor Boxing Club
    Looking for 15-16 Yr Old. Male
    Open 125.lbs. to match up against our fighter.
    Coach Jaime @ 832-768-5881..please leave voicemail or text message thank you….our fighter is 16 YRS OLD ..OPEN ( WICH MEANS 10+ FIGHTS)

  23. Looking to prematch:

    Michael Escobar- 11 yrs/ 63 lbs/ open (19 bouts)

    Coach Zach Martinez 512-971-3600 Austin, TX

  24. marquezboxing says:

    Marquez Boxing:

    Raul Marquez Jr
    21 yrs/ Open 168lbs

    Arturo “Camaron” Marquez
    17yrs /6bts/195lbs

    Arturo Marquez 832-474-6613


  25. tbeard12 says:

    Coach Tick w/ Baton Rising Stars of Baton Rouge, La. is looking for prematches for this show.

    Fighters are

    Dechaun Blount 15/125/ 18 fights
    Caleb George 23/165/7 fights
    Matthew Butler 34/190/8fights.

    Contact number: +1 (225) 993-3970

  26. marquezboxing says:

    Marquez Boxing:

    Raul Marquez Jr
    21 yrs/ Open

    Arturo “Camaron” Marquez
    17yrs /6bts/195lbs

    Arturo Marquez 832-474-6613

  27. Angleton Boxing Club Available for Prematch:
    Daniel Barragan 11yrs/85lbs/0fights
    Jorge Reyna 17yrs/220lbs/0fights
    Reggie Lattimer 29yrs/145lbs/17fights
    Contact Greg Brennan (979) 299-8403

  28. marquezboxing says:

    Marquez Boxing:

    Misael Cruz 24yrs/ 0bts/ 132lbs

    Mathew Valadez 17yrs/ 4bts/ 155lbs

    Anthony Pecina 15yrs/ 4bts/ 156lbs

    Misael Matias 14yrs/ 12bts/ 125lbs

    Contact : Arturo Marquez 832-474-6613

  29. Looking for a pre-match for Sergio 16/145/open, Jose 17/114/open ,Reynaldo 19/141/8,
    and one female Jiffy 25/106/11 Call Coach Sergio from Slava boxing 832-334-7139

  30. Looking for a pre-match for Sergio 16/145/open, Jose 17/114/open ,Reynaldo 19/141/8,
    and one female Jiffy 25/106/11

  31. I’m looking to prematch for the July 19th show: Alexis Gallegos 9yr old 4 fights 80 Lb Edwin Tula 15yr old 11 fights 105 Lb Erick Palomo 16yr old open 106-108 Lb Ramiro Morales 16yr old 1 fight 132 Lb Contact: Juan Palomo Couch (832) 584 5439 Hector Rocha: Manager (281) 777 5815 Call me or text me Thanks you

  32. Razor’s Edge Gym

    Males 10yr/70lbs/7bouts

    Manny 832-785-0148

  33. James Lucas says:

    Call to pre-match 11/80/7

  34. jarvis92 says:

    Looking to prematch

    Rodrigo gabino
    Age 16
    Weight 125
    No fights

    Jarvis Hurst
    Age 22
    Weight 135/140

    Contact Frank 8322148111

    Eric Briggs
    Age 22
    5 fights

  35. Male 17yr ….open…116-118lbs ..(979)997-6932 coach Ricardo

  36. Main Boxing Gym

    Stephen Roach 20/155/0
    Halston Luna 24/160/2
    Thomas Fuentes 23/140/2

    281 777 1370

  37. Want to Match any of these fighters for any event. Rays Boxing Gym – Coach David Martinez 281-627-7382

    Lazaro R Age 15 Fights 33 Weight 110
    Erik A – Age 18 Fights 2 Weight 125
    Anthony T Age 15 Fights 13 Weight 125
    Gustavo G Age 14 Fights 22 Weight 124
    David G Age 13 Fights 3 weight 108

    • jaime73mtz says:


  38. GM Boxingym says:

    G&M Boxing Gym


    Elias Ojeda 17/160/4
    Daunte Taylor 20/201+/0
    Juan Naranjo 10/72/7
    Juan Velazquez 12/85/Open
    Deontae Elder 12/108/open
    Druntay Miller 16/138/Open
    Kevin Macias 14/108/Open
    Cedric Marshall 16/186/1
    Ray Palladina 15/100/2
    Ty Kana 10/101/1
    Andre Davis 23/201+/5
    Donald Reed 23/165/6
    Gabriel Smith 23/138/Open
    Terrance Wooten 26/170/1
    Joseph George 23/178/open

    Contact Coach Hylon Williams 713 806 9147

  39. TCboxing Gym says:

    TC Boxing looking for pre-matching:

    – Keyshon Daniels 13y 160# 3B
    – Ismael ‘Mayo” Ovalle 22y 130# open
    – Erik Smith 23y 130y 1B
    – Jose Martinez 12y 95# 3B

    Call (281) 723-0580
    Coach Rudy

  40. dallaspal says:

    I’m trying to find an opponent at any show for my ( FEMALE) fighter 11yr old 80lbs with 13 fight. Were willing to travel anywhere. fill free to contact me @ 214-908-7824 George Melendez with Dallas pal Boxing.

  41. freeportboxingclub says:

    Looking for prematch for :
    Male :
    Aaron Hobbs 18yrs/130lbs/5 bouts

    Call Coach L.J. Arredondo
    (979) 236-7943
    Freeport Boxing Club

  42. chrubysil says:

    Looking for a pre match for jaelynn Silva 11/95/0. Gracie barra

    Coach Silva 832-801-8916

  43. bstboxing says:

    I have a prematch
    Bst Joseph hill 75lbs/3bouts/9yrs vs
    Tavorian Anderson 75lbs/13bouts/9yrs red stick boxing club, baton rouge LA

  44. tbeard12 says:

    Coach Beard, Red Stick Boxing Club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m looking for prematches for this show, my fighters are:
    Tafari Beard, Jr. 8 yrs old 12 fights 70-75 lbs
    Tavorian Anderson 9 yrs old 70-75 lbs 13 fights
    Shannon Helaire, Jr. 11 yrs old, 6 fights, 85-90 lbs
    Treyvean Beard 11yrs old, 27 fights (open) 80-85 lbs
    My contact info 225-287-4582 or

  45. jtrevino6874 says:

    Looking to pre match Steven Ramirez 22 yrs, 125lbs, 3 bouts

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