If any gym needs a NON-PROFIT

Posted: July 23, 2019 by abraham979 in Daily News Corner


If any gyms are having trouble with, needs help with, or wants to make their gyms non-profit, we have David Boucher out of Colorado Springs, from USA Boxing that has worked with gyms all over the nation including gyms from the Gulf LBC. Dave not only makes it painless and seem easy, but he also teaches you how to do it and maintain it as he guides you along the way. Here is his website and Facebook to contact him and start that journey.

David Boucher (719)-209-1456



Here is a link to my FB and what I wrote about my experience creating a non-profit with Dave for my son BIGICE. As I created a non-profit in Isaac Martinez name, he also can help with other types of non-profits, not just gyms.


If you know anyone that needs Dave’s services, pass his info to them. Also, let Dave know that you received his info from me “Abe”, so Dave knows that I am HIGHLY recommending him and his great services.

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