Dynasty Boxing

Posted: December 20, 2018 by abraham979 in Daily News Corner

June 15th, 2019
“Crown The Champions 6”
Booker T’s World Gym Arena in Texas City. Inbox or text your roster to
Owner/Coach Jesse Morales
832.638.0106dynasty boxing june 15 2019 2

  1. Ricardo Juarez says:

    Rocky Juarez 7135383552

  2. Ricardo Juarez says:

    Rocky’s Boxing Gym
    Ociel Martinez 9/108/2
    Ricky Martinez 10/132/1
    Noah Luna 12/100/1
    Ray Martinez 12/95/7
    Jeremiah Martinez 13/95/12
    Angelo Escalante 13/106/11
    Noe Segovia 13/114/13
    Steve Ponce 15/112/7
    Dylan Ponce 15/113/7
    Isaac Obregon 16/109/7
    Adrian Olveda 16/210/2
    Alvino Lopez 17/119/6
    Oscar Valdez 18/132/9
    Caleb Guzman 19/132/12
    Bianca Zavala 16/110/1

  3. Looking to prematch a unattached boxer.
    Male 15/106/open
    Contact Coan Juan 7133939792 or Show Host Jesse M. 8326380106

  4. Gallardo’s Boxing Club looking to prematch.
    Female 12/105-110/0

  5. King Boxing looking to prematch.
    Fernando G. 3rd 13/86/open
    Kaidon J. 13/95/6
    Lorenzo G. 9/67/1
    David R. 10/59/7

  6. Frank Rodriguez BC looking to prematch.
    Female 15/110/1
    Contact Coach Rick R. 281-628-1828 or Show Host Jesse M. 8326380106

  7. Unattached boxers, looking to prematch.
    Contact Show Host Jesse M. 832-638-0106

  8. Ray’s Boxing Club looking to prematch.
    Raymundo Valle 13/101/open
    Contact Show Host Jesse M. 832-638-0106

  9. ***All OPEN matches made are CTC6 Championship Title Belt Matches!

  10. Savannah Boxing
    Devaughn Lucas 15/132/open (matched)

  11. Texas Hard Hitters looking to prematch.
    Contact Coach Gabe B. 281-217-6402 or Show Host Jesse M. 832-638-0106

  12. Texas City BC looking to prematch.
    Alex 18/132/2
    Ace 12/85/0
    Jonathan 11/65/0
    Elijahwan 19/145/0
    Alex M. 24/240/2
    Eric 28/132/open
    Mike J. 12/114/1
    Tyrone 9/90/0
    Aaron 26/195/0
    Contact Show Host Jesse M. 832-638-0106

  13. Red Stick BC looking to prematch.
    Tavorian Anderson 13/130-140/open
    Contact Show Host Jesse M. 832-638-0106

  14. Unattached boxers looking for prematching.
    Cash Allen 11/65/open
    Female: Astrid Allen 14/100/open
    Contact Coach Daniel Allen 406-852-3507 or Show Host Jesse M. 832-638-0106

  15. Dallas PAL looking to prematch the following.
    Jose Vasquez 11/85/Open
    Julio Villareal 11/70/Open (Matched up)
    Hector Lazaro 13/85/Open
    Diego Barron 13/85/Open
    Christian Alvizo 13/80/Open
    Joshua Valadez 13/90/Open
    Fernando Vasquez 16/119/Open
    Oliver Badillo 16/132/Open
    Contact Show Host
    Jesse Morales 8326380106

  16. ChampLyfe BC looking to prematch the following
    Marilynn Hernandez 13/110/open
    Maldo Sierra 11/70/open
    Coach Raul Hernandez
    Contact Show Host Jesse 8326380106

  17. Chris Young BC (Dothan Alabama)
    Chris Young 14/101/open
    Contact Coach Jason Young 504-264-4877

  18. Dynasty BC looking to prematch the following
    Oscar T. 16/178/3
    Joanna M. 17/165/0
    Julian 11/90/0
    Carlos V. 15/123-125/0
    Contact Owner/Coach Jesse 8326380106

  19. We are ready to start pre-matching!
    Boxer name age/weight/bouts gym affiliation.
    Coach name & contact info.

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