2018 Gulf J.O. Unopposed list

Posted: April 20, 2018 by aleonbox in Daily News Corner
            Gulf J.O. Female Unopposed List
85 lbs Bantam Zyloin Edwards-Beaumont
95 lbs Inter. Astrid Allen – Unattached
101 lbs Bantam Kimberly Solis-Houston
101 lbs Junior Martha Calderon-TKOF
106 lbs Inter. Yoseline Perez – Perez
110 lbs Inter. Lorena Ramirez-Houston
110 lbs Junior Jewry Rodriguez-Conflict
125 lbs Junior Destiny Duron
132 lbs Junior Aaliayah Mendez-Houston Boxing
138 lbs Junior Jasmine Fernandez-Houston
              Gulf J.O. Male Unopposed List
55 lbs PeeWee David Renteria – King Boxing
65lbs PeeWee Anthony Galvan -TKOF
65 lbs Bantam Ashton Rhodes-G&M
70 lbs Bantam Edgar Valdez – TKOF
75 lbs Bantam Jose Sanchez Eastside
80 lbs Bantam Luciano Trevino- Fort Bend
85 lbs Inter. Julian Diaz-Houston
90 lbs Bantam Isaiah Gonzlaez-TKOF
95 lbs Bantam Michael Perez Fort Bend
90 lbs Inter. Kayne Gee-Baycity
90 lbs Junior Tayvien Alpough-Lion Hearted
101 lbs Junior Daniel Rodriguez-Schilitte’s
106 lbs Bantam Jaedyn Alpough-Lion Hearted
106 lbs Inter. Jaime Ramirez-Houston
110 lbs Inter. Cruz Nunez- Unattached
110 lbs. Junior Samuel Arredondo-TKOF
114 lbs Bantam Cameron Zamora- Longoria

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