2017 Gulf JO Prematching

During the Gulf JO Tournament, prematches are welcomed to be added after the Tournament Bouts are completed for BOTH days, Saturday and Sunday.

Prematching for:  PeeWee (8-10), Youth & Senior (17+) or JO Novice boxers

Open boxers in the Bantam, Intermediate & Junior (ages 11-16) divisions (5 bouts experience) should be entered into the Tournament portion of the JO for advancement to the Texas State Regional JO tournament and National Championships.

Coaches are welcome to list rosters here and/or pre-matches made and agreed to by both sides.

Call in pre-matches to Carlos Herrera at (832) 466-5922 who is building the pre-matched bout list for us.

  1. richiewing says:

    Baby Bull Boxing Academy

    L.Sanchez 12 yrs / 4 bouts / 101#’s
    J. Villarreal 11 yrs / 2 bouts / 155#

    S. Draper 14 yrs / 3 bouts / 119#’s
    J. Martinez 11 yrs / 2 bouts/95#’s

    N. Cerato 16 yrs / 9 bouts / 130#’s
    J. Gregorio 14 yrs / 4
    bout / 114#’s
    M. Lopez 16 yrs / 0 Bouts / 116#’s

    Contact Coach Carlos

  2. woodhorn says:

    Gator boxing
    16 yr 154 #- 13 fights – open
    Roy cortez

  3. dannyred1991 says:

    Trying to match up my fighter
    Arturo ybarra- 70# only has 1 fight
    Victor Rodrigues 832 607 5469

  4. tbeard12 says:

    Red Stick Boxing Club
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Tafari Beard 11/95-100/Open
    Tavorian Anderson 11/90-95/open
    Michael Anderson 10/70-75/open
    Derek Lazard 10/90-95/ 8 fights
    Christion Detiege 12/115/ 1 fight
    Tyrone Wilson 10/118/ 8 fights
    Kamron Hills 13/115/open

    Coach Beard

  5. cah915 says:

    Marquez boxing has the following fighter. Please contact coach Marquez at 832-474-6613.

    Jacobo Montes – M/12/113/0

  6. cah915 says:

    Unattached boxer. Contact Timothy at 501-258-3879 for pre-matching.
    Timothy McCuien – M/20/192/1

  7. cah915 says:

    Ultimate Warriors Boxing has the following fighters. Please call Coach Saul at 832-238-1049 for pre-matching.

    Bre’ton Gorham – M/16/141/15
    Ivan Hernandez – M/16/148/2

    • adriandlg says:

      I have a 15 year old…..145 pounds….. 3 fights.

      We can prematch for Ivan Hernandez if you’d like…

      Coach Adrian De La Garza

  8. cah915 says:

    Ft. Bend Boxing has the following fighters. Please call Coach Leon at 281-788-5417 for pre-matching.
    Elijah MeHaffey – M/14/125/1
    Matthew Arron Barrera – M/15/154/0
    Julian Jesus Ramirez Jr. – M/12/90/1
    Jose Julian Garza – M/12/154/0
    Leonardo Garza – M/10/80/1
    Eric Ortiz – M/11/95/2
    Sebastian Garza – M/10/65/1

  9. cah915 says:

    Timothy McCien M/20/192#/1fight. Call or text Timothy at 501-258-3879

  10. cah915 says:

    CDM Boxing has the following fighters available for both Saturday and Sunday. Please call or text Coach Chris at 832-561-5652

    Luis Monterrosa – M/11/75/1
    Kaidon Jones – M/11/77/2
    Fahad Hameed – M/14/81/1
    Christian Thompson – M/15/155-160/3
    Saad Hameed – M/16/112/1
    Cory Collins – M/16/114/4
    Leonardo Sanchez – M/16/125/2
    Honduras – M/17/145/0
    Michael Pickens – M/21/160/9

  11. Azteca Warriors: Pre-Match boxers for April 8-9th Gulf JO`s. Pee Wee: (Female) Desiree Castillo,10 yrs old,77lbs,3 bouts
    Contact Lalo Valdez at 361-658-5963

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