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Posted: August 14, 2013 by gulfboxing in Daily News Corner

GulfLBC.org has been updated:

You will now find a prematching list for the upcoming TKO Boxing Show. An October 26th event has been added to the calendar, and results have been added.

Included is now a message from your Secretary, Michael Campbell:

To all Gulf Association Coaches, we need your assistance.

We currently have 10 elected Board of Directors positions filled by non-athletes.  However, our 1200 member association is comprised of approximately 20% non-athletes and 80% athletes.  Our largest group, the athletes, is not directly represented on the Board of Directors and therefore they are not contributing to the decision making that impacts them.

Our Gulf Association LBC bylaws dictate that the Board of Directors shall consist of 20% athlete representation.  Currently, there are two (2) vacant Athlete Representative positions on the Board of Directors that we wish to find suitable candidates to fill these roles.  These positions should be voted upon by the athletes.

Coaches, please nominate interested candidates that you believe to be qualified and are interested in fulfilling these duties.  After a nomination period and finalization of candidates, we shall collect a short bio or Q/A from each candidate and distribute to our membership.  We then will hold an election for the Gulf Athletes during the upcoming Houston Open Ring Nationals tournament, with procedural details TBA separately.

Athletes eligible for these positions can be male or female, any age, J/O, senior or elite divisions, novice or open.  We wish to adequately represent ALL athlete groups during the nomination process, but have no requirement for the two elected positions.

Candidates must be able to attend Gulf LBC Board of Directors & Board of Governors meetings and have contact info available to the President, board members, and all membership for discussion, voting on matters and feedback from the athletes.  The candidate should be a good communicator both to athletes of all ages and to non-athletes, board members, coaches and officials.

All candidates must be 2013 registered athletes.  They should have been active boxers within the last 3 years and have participated in Gulf tournaments such as the Houston Golden Gloves or J/O & Senior LBC championships.

Filling these roles will more adequately represent our Gulf membership on the Board of Directors, better facilitate communication with our athletes, and be valuable experience for the two representatives for their personal development and achieving their future goals.

Please send in candidate names by August 18th.

Gulf Board of Governors,
Secretary Michael Campbell

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